takayama kieran

digital illustrator


terms of service


・ i as the artist reserve all rights to deny and accept commissions based on my own judgement・ as the artist, i retain full rights and ownership of the commissioned artwork/unused concepts: posting it to my sites, making speed paints, or presenting it in my portfolio.・ you can not use any of my art for nft nor sell it for nft purposes. doing so will get you permanently banned.・ my commissions are not on a first-come-first-serve basis.・ please only commission me if you have the funds to do so, do not go into the red zone just for art. if any chargebacks occur due to your irresponsibility as a client, you will permanently be blacklisted.・ you may inquire and ask questions however do not harass me to get into my slots/waitlist if they are unavailable.・ i only work with finished character references, not descriptions.
i do not offer design commissions unless it is for a vtuber png, please let me know in advance about this if you request.
please be patient with me. commissions could take up to a month to finish. the process could be quicker or slower depending on my schedule and personal health. clients will always be informed if anything happens.please keep in mind that my art is constantly evolving, so there might be slight differences between the examples and the illustration you will receive.

payments, refunds, chargebacks

・ payment via ko-fi. (link on home page.) tips are appreciated but not necessary if you can't afford it.
・i only take upfront or fifty-fifty payments. do not ask for a plan.
・ i will only start on the commission once payments are sent.
・do not issue a chargeback, refunds can be settled ONLY if i take longer than 3 months to respond with 0 progress.
・any additional charges (i.e rush fees, edits, added assets, etc) will be respected by all parties involved.

work process

・ for both illustration and graphics, clients will receive 3 drafts/concepts for the first approval. a cleaner draft will be sent after for a second approval. please list all changes you'd like during the sketch phase. once given full approval will i then move forward with the work.・ please note only limited changes (3) can be made during each sketch phase. be upfront about any changes you'd like made. if you are asking for something i as the artist find unecessary or i am unable to do it i have the right to decline that change.・if you want changes after a major phase/you make more than 3 revisions, it adds an extra 15% of the base price. once the commission is complete you will receive: the png file of the piece along with different variations (png of chara, background) and my watermarkhowever if i make a mistake i.e forgetting small details, it will be changed for free!

personal & commercial use

personal use means the artwork will not generate/be involved with any profit. using it as a wallpaper/profile (twitter, tiktok, discord, etc), printing for yourself (not to sell) is personal use.commercial use is when the artwork/commission will be used to generate profit. this includes using the commissioned work for self branding (marketing materials, business, merchandise, etc) or social media platforms that generate income (twitch, youtube, etc).please note commissioning me for logos, overlays or pngs will count as commercial use as they will most likely be used as streaming assets and marketing yourself. this means within the base price, a commercial use price is added.


please note i mainly draw and specialize with drawing masc characters rather than fem. keep this in mind before you commission me.✔ oc/fanart, not for commercial use.
✔ vtuber illust, will add commercial payment depending on client decision.
✔ suggestive/soft nsfw, i cannot do full on scenes.
✔ gore/body horror, nothing too over the top, there are limits.
✘ heavy mecha, small amounts (i.e arm, leg) is OK
✘ furry, animal elements on a chara is OK
✘ any kind of content involving children in sexual/erotic subtext: be it fictional or not.
✘ realism style.
✘ any discriminatory or offensive themes pertaining to race, gender or religion.
i do graphic work such as logos and overlays however slots are limited.

Commisson Queue

currently closed as of 2023/04/12

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For further enquiries or questions please dm me on discord or twitter @ takayamakieran